Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Barwon Heads January 2010

When I was growing up, my family used to spend every Christmas holiday in the seaside town of Barwon Heads. Four weeks in a tent in the foreshore camping ground with many hundreds of other families.
Almost 30 years later here I am with my wife and tennage boys. We are staying in a house on the edge of Barwon Heads, the town is different but the same. Many things are familiar, while others are new. The pier and the bridge are still there many shops are the same, the supermarket has a different facade but is the same building. It appears that the place has survived its fame in the TV series Sea Change, without to many permanent scars.
I really enjoyed being back there.

We drank some wine while we were there.

Very deep coloured almost black. A rich and powerful wine from central Victoria. Petit syrah is also known as durif and is famous for the huge tannic NE Victorian versions. This wine is big on flavour and power. The main flavours that come to me are those of ribena initially and continuing with liquor cherry/kirsh like qualities, also a hint of peppermint and clove. I am aware of the alcohol but it is not distracting to my overall enjoyment. A very enjoyable summer holiday wine, so long as the day is relatively cool.

Tasted: January 2010
Source: Cellar door
Price: $25
Drink: Now - 2015
Score: 91

Dark red, richly scented with cola and raspberry jellies to the fore, the palate was was strong and full typically tempranillo, it improved over the 2 days that it was open, drinking best on the third day. A good value quaffer.

Tasted: January 2010
Source: Rathdowne Cellars
Price: $18
Drink: Now - 2014
Score: 90

Saturday, 4 July 2009


My first post since October 2008. Life is busy.
Work takes up an inordinate amount of time.
Preparation for the minutiae of daily stuff.
Meals for the family,
Clothes, gear and food for work and pre work fitness sessions,
The boys afternoon football training and Sunday matches.

Relax a moment, drink some wine, write a note.
Post it.

Not lately!

A new post.
A new blog layout.


I have posted tasting notes for this wine here previously. It is a wine worth revisiting.
This wine was a find and a bargain. First tasted at the cellar door. It is rich and flavoursome and very moreish.
My previous notes are on the money. Liqueur cherry, cinnamon and cloves, quite sweet in a fruit sense. If anything the wine seems to be almost unchanged, undeveloped and a little hedonistic. It possibly lacks a little in structure, but I am willing to forgive this for the pure pleasure of drinking it.

Tasted: July 2009
Source: Cellar door
Price: $20 (2006)
Drink: Now - 2012
Score: 92

I just tried to access the Bochara website and it is not to be found. Hopefully this is not an ill wind in these times.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

BOWEN ESTATE Cabernet Sauvignon 1991

I am way behind with posts to this site. Is time really that short? I have 37 tasting notes to publish. Hopefully a concerted effort over the next few nights will see me up to date.

Another old wine.
Interestingly this wine and the previous post (Wendouree Shiraz 1992) were purchased just a few months apart. Their prices were almost identical, their quality/enjoyment level similar.

However since that time their brand value has altered drastically. Why is this so?

Still quite deep in colour, garnet purple. The wine shows a very pure rich cassis nose, recognisably Coonawarra. Cassis, liquor, gentle ripe tannins, good length still a developing wine with some improvement ahead if you were inclined to look for it.

Tasted: August '08
Source: Mailing List
Price: $15 (1994)
Drink: Now - 2013
Score: 94


The first Wendouree Shiraz that I purchased. At the winery back before they were all sold by mail order or allocation.
The wine is a riper. Stll dark and brooding in colour. The nose is redolent of blackberry, plum and hints of mint. The palte is big and powerful, as is the Wendouree way. Blood plum blackberry and liquorice, very easy mature drinking. will hold for some time.

Tasted: August '08
Source: Winery
Price: $16 (1994)
Drink: Anytime in the next 5ish years
Score: 95

Sunday, 21 September 2008


This wine had an aged appearance, understandable for a 21 year old. Wisened and calm a serene wine. Obvious plummy cabernet fruit with meat and earth nuances. A medium bodied palate, very even through the mouth, dark plums, cassis and a warm earthy/herbal edge. Drinking beautifully.

Tasted: September '08
Source: Mail Order
Price: $25.85 (1989)
Drink: Now, dont wait!
Score: 92

TAR AND ROSES Shiraz 2007

Dark in colour, almost black. A big rich nose of blackberry, spice and liquorice. The palate is full and similar to the nose, gentle oak, blackberry fruit, liquorice and mixed spice. Quite a strong tannic finish, structured for the medium to long term.

Tasted: September '08
Source: Dan's
Price: $15
Drink: 2012 - 2018
Score: 90

Saturday, 20 September 2008


I've just read the sad news that Bailey Carrodus passed away on Friday. A gentle, friendly, genuine man who offered his wine to all who were interested.

The wine presents a deep garnet colour, the nose is acid with a volatile edge and plummy fruit. THe palate seemed one dimentional at first, plummy fruit, quite soft with some spice hints. Its a good wine, though not quite as rich as expected.

Tasted: September 08
Source: Winery
Price: $38
Drink: Now
Score: 90

Thursday, 4 September 2008

New posts - Woops

I have just completed 7 new posts. They were sitting in draft for up to a month, and so are not at the top of the blog, have a look below,

The new posts are:

Jasper Hill Emily's 1992
Tim Adams Aberfeldy Shiraz 1992
Tyrells Rufus Stone Shiraz 2000
Spring Vale Junior Chardonnay 2007
Serego Alighieri Possesioni Rosso 2005
Tenuta Di Valgiorno 2005
Wynns John Riddoch CS 1988

Thursday, 7 August 2008

PONDALOWIE Shiraz Viognier 2004

This is a big bold fruit driven wine, it is deep in colour and rich on nose and palate. It opened a little disjointed but within an hour or so the wine was showing blackberry, fennel, dark chocolate aroma's and flavours in an enjoyable combination, there was also a pleasant hint of apricot blossom (from viognier?) on nose. Enjoyable wine but not for the long term.

Tasted: August 08
Source: Mailing List
Price: $30
Drink: to 2012
Score: 92

Pondalowie Wines


The wine is still deep garnet purple in colour, it has very rich pure cassis nose, recognisably Coonawarra, the cassis follows through on the palate. Perhaps slightly one dimensional. Gentle ripe tannins, very good length and with some progression still ahead of it if you were so inclined. A delicious drink.

Drank: August 2008
Source: Mailing list
Price: $15 (1994)
Drink: now - 2013
Score: 94

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Deep purple in the glass, just begining to brown. Strong, rich nose game, liquorice, blackberry and plum. The palate is big and powerful with liquorice and dark fruits. Nice length softened tannins very good balance. A very enjoyable drink.

Tasted: August 2008
Source: Winery
Price: $25.50
Drink: Now - 2013
Score: 93

Jasper Hill

MAIN RIDGE Chardonnay 2002

Colour mid gold, nose of lime, grapefruit and passionfruit palate shows passionfruit mealy characters sulpher and some butter hints will be long lived

Tasted: August 2008
Source: Mail order
Price: $40
Drink: 2010 to 2015
Score: 90


Bright garnet colour, a minty, eucalpyt nose. The palate is strong and full with plenty of life, rich plummy fruit, quite acid with drying tannins.

Tasted: August 2008
Source: Winery
Price: $17
Drink: 2010 - 2015
Score: 91

tim adams wines

Thursday, 24 July 2008


A deep, dark wine with a big ripe nose of chocolate and dark fruit. The palate like the nose is big, with blood plum, blackberry and chocolate. Rich and sweet, well integrated oak and very good drinking.

Tasted: July 2008
Source: Dan Murphy
Price: $22
Drink: Now - 2013
Score: 92

Rufous Stone

MAIN RIDGE Chardonnay 1994

This is a wine that I have always enjoyed. It underwent full malolactic conversion and has carried it very well over the years. This bottle showed very minor affects of oxidation.

The colour in the glass is deep yellow, developed. A very rich nose of peach, nectarine, butterscotch and cream greets the senses. The palate is long and full with stewed nectarines, cream caramel and vanilla hints, a rich style from a cool vineyard in a warmish year, it finishes with a long clean acid finish. Still drinking very well, but near the end.

Tasted: July 2008
Source: Winery
Price: $26 (1995)
Drink: Now
Score: 92